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At the End of Civilization

July 27, 2014


We may as well go live at the end of civilization
in Corolla where the horses wild roam

The sand will surround us
The sea will creep in

I in my button down parka

He in his button down frown

Is it the year of 65?
Silver savers, gold purveyors

“I will try to fix you”

Yah, that’s right
I still do

I know it doesn’t work
I don’t care
it gives me a cause

I don’t have any

so any old one will do

Let us go then
you and I
to the end of civilization
in Corolla
where the sand seeps in
and the sea

Pushes us out to the
sky where our ship awaits.


Chronic Pain

July 27, 2014


Sometimes I feel like a motherless soul
I wander from place to place
i sit beside him

he sits in his chair
hey so do i

corrupted by pain
in a stupor

its a shame
we have no

just rockets
with seats onto
our own universe

Cut off by chronic pain
Art would say
no pain = no gain

and I guess Art
would be right

I remember when
the muse resided in him
creating fulfilling now
he knocks on his door
anxious to get at the
gem residing in the long
hallway with erected crystalline
guards suffocating his outer

I in my chair
He in his
Chronic pain