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No Backtracking

October 6, 2014


She comes from an alternate universe
Where alternators live
Flubbing the shots and so
I have to mix it up

Down she goes
mixing it around
randomly choosing
shall i listen to names
that miss humanness

I say no

Rules don’t apply
of sense

murking up a bit

logic leaves on a train
with no backtracking

Big red door
blocking the way

Dispirited face
locks the child inside
far in alternative world

A place where I cannot go
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Help Promote Heroin Hazards Awareness

July 31, 2014

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Heroin is at epidemic proportions. We need to make parents, families aware of the dangers. Please pass this facebook page along to your friends. Thanks!

At the End of Civilization

July 27, 2014


We may as well go live at the end of civilization
in Corolla where the horses wild roam

The sand will surround us
The sea will creep in

I in my button down parka

He in his button down frown

Is it the year of 65?
Silver savers, gold purveyors

“I will try to fix you”

Yah, that’s right
I still do

I know it doesn’t work
I don’t care
it gives me a cause

I don’t have any

so any old one will do

Let us go then
you and I
to the end of civilization
in Corolla
where the sand seeps in
and the sea

Pushes us out to the
sky where our ship awaits.


June 27, 2014



It hit me again

It hit him

and me



Like before


I didn’t expect it

at all


It waited until

I was lulling in

the mirror reflection

on the river


Sentries on vacation


I didn’t react at first

Took awhile to hit me

the first wave

the next

the whirlpool


My hand up in the


not waving for help



June 8, 2014


Addiction took my son’s love away

He didn’t want her hurt

He wrote a poem about her


There would have been my grandchildren

but he knew better

My daughters boyfriend was the opposite

he bit her


He suffused his malicious disease into her life.

Not at all understanding LOVE.

The Old Laughing Lady

March 12, 2014


The Old Laughing Lady, probably my only Neil Young song.

This year, addiction came home to roost.

It wasn’t pretty cute anymore.

It was sad

hopeless…it was college years down the drain

college years that never came

or never present for.

Three of you listened to the whore

I wish peter pan were true

we’d jump out the window and

fly away to neverland

a ship at sea with crimson skies

I’d tell the captain to reach

and he would.