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No Backtracking

October 6, 2014


She comes from an alternate universe
Where alternators live
Flubbing the shots and so
I have to mix it up

Down she goes
mixing it around
randomly choosing
shall i listen to names
that miss humanness

I say no

Rules don’t apply
of sense

murking up a bit

logic leaves on a train
with no backtracking

Big red door
blocking the way

Dispirited face
locks the child inside
far in alternative world

A place where I cannot go
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Retirement Town

March 30, 2014

I’ve been looking at Murphy, NC as a possible retirement town. It has the Hiwasee Lake and River and just sounds like a quaint mountain place.  Am checking it out next month. Murphy River Walk:  Wagon Master Adventure Ranch: (pan some gold); John C. Campbell Folk School: , a quilt shop and lots of fishing.

The Old Laughing Lady

March 12, 2014


The Old Laughing Lady, probably my only Neil Young song.

This year, addiction came home to roost.

It wasn’t pretty cute anymore.

It was sad

hopeless…it was college years down the drain

college years that never came

or never present for.

Three of you listened to the whore

I wish peter pan were true

we’d jump out the window and

fly away to neverland

a ship at sea with crimson skies

I’d tell the captain to reach

and he would.