Love Yourself Today (and every other day too)

Of Rust and Stardust

So today is Valentines Day, as I’m sure many of you are aware or maybe you’re not who knows, but I know people have a lot of different feelings about this holiday. I’m sure some of you love it, or hate it, or maybe you are indifferent or think it’s silly. I just wanted to share some advice about today for those of you who don’t have a valentine today. I just turned 26 so I guess I’m in my late 20’s now, but this is mostly for younger girls, and boys too.

First I’d just like to say I’m bad at relationships and love in general. I’ve never really been in a relationship that lasted longer than a few weeks, with the exception of one, but we didn’t live in the same state so maybe that’s why it worked for so long. I’ve been in what I thought were…

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